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  • Xpertesy provides endless opportunities...
  • Video to slideshow documents converter + Searchable videos + Video conference with Smart recordings + AI Virtual Assistant powered by ChatGPT

  • We bring you all on one single platform available 24/7!

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Student taking notes from an online lesson
Freelancers working online – this tool will assist you to achieve better results!
  • Transform recorded media file or a stream effortlessly with Xpertesy Converter
  • Convert any recorded media files or a stream into interactive PDF or MS Word documents with slides and multilingual transcriptions!
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Consult ChatGPT during your session

ChatGPT, one of the most renowned AI services globally, has gained tremendous popularity, especially in the education sector where its demand is exceptionally high.

  • All-in-one platform
  • Xpertesy is an all-in-one platform that has leveraged the capabilities of ChatGPT to provide users with additional features and functionality
Consult ChatGPT during your session

    With Xpertesy AI Virual Assistant you can now use all the features of ChatGPT without setting up a separate GPT account. Just access the GPT prompt directly on the Xpertesy website.

    Xpertesy offers a helpful feature for students and individuals who are learning programming, algorithms, and software engineering. With the help of ChatGPT, users can request computer programs/algorithms to be generated or refined. These programs/algorithms can be seamlessly tested and run directly on the Xpertesy webpage, eliminating the need for any installations.

    All the features of ChatGPT, including the extended functionalities, are incorporated within the standard Xpertesy plan.

    The Xpertesy plan includes smart recording, unlimited meetings, and the expanded capabilities of ChatGPT. Remarkably, this comprehensive package is more cost-effective than acquiring a basic ChatGPT subscription from the original website.

*** Xpertesy provides you with ChatGPT paid version for free, all within the same package. Say goodbye to switching between multiple windows, as you can seamlessly consult ChatGPT and easily share with your class or team.

For Students

Let Xpertesy handle all the note-taking and concentrate on your class

Process recorded lecture
on Xpertesy in Offline mode.

Any audio/video from:

  • YouTube
  • Cloud
  • LMS
  • Local video file

Use Xpertesy as a Smart Recorder
for online lecture in Online mode.

Set up Xpertesy Smart Recording for:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teems
  • WebEx

For Teachers

  • Introduce Xpertesy Smart Notes into your class
  • Conduct your online classes on Xpertesy Video Conference and enable students to make Smart Notes.
  • Easily prepare original searchable lectures using the best online learning materials dressed with your professional guidance.
A school teacher writing on a board in an online lesson

Tailored to your needs

Smiling students participating in an educational online meeting together

    Unlimited Video Conference for Free

  • Enjoy the benefits of Xpertesy Video Conference without any limit.

  • No installs required

  • Xpertesy is a web-based application, that works in Chrome and Edge browsers. It will be available in others soon.

  • Secure and reliable

  • End-to-End encryption even for meetings with more than 2 participants.


All plans include unlimited video conference


Start using a fully fledged educational platform at no cost.

Create Free Account
  • 100 ChatGPT Virtual Expert prompts
  • Video conference for unlimited time
  • Screen sharing
  • Advanced recording options
  • 100 Real time chat translations per day


For organizations that need to equip their staff with the best educational platform and requre additional support.

Let's Talk
Includes all features from Personal plan

  • 5 Office Meeting Rooms
  • Premium support
  • Optional On-premise integration


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