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  • Enhance the Meeting Room in your Office with Xpertesy
  • Broadcast your screen on the main display in the meeting room during regular live meetings with Xpertesy For Offices.

Organizational meeting with a screen broadcast

Set up Xpertesy Presentation Assistant in your meeting room

Animated demonstration of how Xpertesy Presentation Assistant works
  • No more mess with HDMI cables and connectors
  • A regular issue in the meeting room:
    presenters are required to physically connect to the main display with an HDMI cable. With Xpertesy Presentation Assistant speakers can easily share their screen over the Wi-Fi.
  • Share your screen on the main display and easily switch between presenters
  • Start your presentation in the meeting room by sharing your screen and easily switch between unlimited number of presenters in one click.
Woman presenting statistics on a screen in a business meeting
Invitation success message on Xpertesy
  • Share a meeting link with the colleagues and guests
  • Create a constant meeting link and let the participants share their screen in only one click.

How to set up Xpertesy Presentation Assistant

Create an Account for Organization

Go to "for Offices" -> "Admin" at the main menu or press the button.

Create a Link

Create a meeting link for the presentation on the organization's admin dashboard.

Share the Link

Share the meeting link with the participants.

Share Screen

Start Xpertesy Presentation Assistant and share your screen.

Tailored to your needs

Man pointing to screen on a business presentation

    Individual approach

  • We will guide you through the whole process of setting up Xpertesy Presentation Assistant individually.

  • No installs required

  • Xpertesy is a web-based application, that works in Chrome and Edge browsers. It will be available in others soon.

  • Secure and reliable

  • End-to-End encryption for audio and screen sharing.